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Pebble Reports

Strumento per la creazione visuale di Report.


Free, molto semplice da usare e con un ampio set di features:

  • Tables, charts and crosstabs
  • Multiple sheets per report
  • Multiple data sources per report
  • Display table and chart side-by-side with same data
  • Conditional formatting without writing code
  • Full-featured graphical Query Builder; supports SQL Server and Oracle
  • Query builder supports editing join condition; supports building Where clause
  • Work directly on data (no "layout mode")
  • Slice and dice data to discover trends
  • Drill down to see more detail
  • PDF, XLS and MHTML export
  • MHTML export compatible with Outlook and Microsoft Word
  • Email formatted reports as in-line HTML (as opposed to attachment) via Outlook or SMTP
  • On-report interactive sorting
  • Parameter prompting
  • Embed data in report, with ability to filter embedded data
  • Top N filter
  • Build complex filters with And/Or conditions
  • Apply style sheet
  • Expand All / Collapse All
  • Banded rows
  • Compact, stepped and block style display of row group headers
  • 16 different chart types
  • Charts consistent with Edward Tufte and Stephen Few principles
  • Performance and scalability that rivals some server-based reporting products
  • Calculated fields
  • Data displayed in controls (as opposed to paginated document) for quick browsing
  • Deploy report to Report Server directly
  • Save as RDL

Chi è Davide Mauri

Microsoft Data Platform MVP dal 2007, Davide Mauri si occupa di Data Architecture e Big Data nel mondo dell'IoT. Attualmente ricopre il ruolo di "Director Software Development & Cloud Infrastructure" in Sensoria, societa specializzata nella creazione di Wearables e sensori per l'IoT applicati a tessuti ed oggetti sportivi.

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