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SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP1 Released

E’ stata rilasciata l’SP1 della versione 3.5 di SQL Server Compact Edition:


Tre nuove importanti features aggiunte:

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework provider. The Entity Framework enables you to work with data in the form of domain-specific objects and properties, such as customers and customer addresses, without having to concern yourself with the underlying database tables and columns where this data is stored.
    • Support for the ADO.NET Entity Framework allows you to create flexible, strongly typed queries against the Entity Framework object context by using LINQ expressions and the LINQ standard query operators directly from the development environment.
  • Case-sensitive collations for those C# folks that were allowed into the database <g>
  • Native 64bit support. No more locking your apps to WoW mode or Target = X86. And yes, we support a single version of your app that can privately deploy Compact 32 and 64 so your customers don’t have to figure out whether they’re running 32 or 64bit operating systems.

Chi è Davide Mauri

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