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Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools

Sono stati rilasciati i Power Tools per Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition. Molte le feature interessanti:

New Test Conditions for Database Unit Tests
• ChecksumCondition – You can use this test condition to verify that the checksum of the data set returned by a database unit test matches the checksum of an expected data set.
• ExpectedSchemaTestCondition – You can use this test condition to verify that the column names and data types of the returned data set match expected values.

Data Generator Improvements
• New Data Generator Wizard – This new wizard creates a data generation plan that is configured to copy data from a source database. You can use this wizard when you need to copy most of your data from a live source, but need to make small changes to ensure privacy.

MSBuild Task Improvements
• SqlAnalysis Task – You can use this build task to run T-SQL Static Code Analysis from MSBuild.

TSQL Static Code Analysis
• Static Code Analysis – A precursor to the functionality that will be in future versions of VSTS that will allow you to perform Static Code Analysis on T-SQL code.

• “Move Schema” Refactoring – Allows a user to right click on an object and move it to a different but existing schema
• SP Rename Generation – Generate a new script that will contain sp_renames for all rename refactored objects that the user can then execute.
• Wildcard Expansion – Automatically expand the wildcard in a select to the appropriate columns.
• Fully-Qualified Name Support – Automatically inject fully-qualified names when absent in a script
• Refactoring extended to Dataset – Refactor into strongly typed dataset definitions

MSBuild Tasks
• Data / Schema Compare Build Tasks – MSBuild tasks that can generate scripts as if the user had run the Data / Schema compare UI

Schema View
• API Access to Schema View – Insert / Update / Delete to schema View and list schema objects and their associated files

Dependency Tool Window
• Dependency Tree – Show the dependencies ( incoming / outgoing ) for selected schema objects in a new tool window

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